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Network is a loose association of scientists, occultists, artists, and interested individuals that was established at the end of 2023 to facilitate mutual communication, organize conferences and community events, cooperate in the research of occultism in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and assist with the exchange of information and archives.

Network's activities also include the rescue of occult manuscripts and artifacts, particularly through their digitization and making them accessible, as well as supporting emerging scientists and practitioners and, last but not least, popularizing scientific research of occultism. Currently, the Network connects 42 people from five countries.

It has organized 7 community events, 14 individual lectures and performances, assistance with several exhibitions and artistic performances. It has its own podcast Get on my back and is currently preparing another edition of the Brno international conference focused on the research of occultism and related topics Tea at Mephisto's 2.

The symbol of the network is hourglass, in which the sand symbolically changes into a complex network of events, fates, and dreams.

Network Contacts and Channels

Current Projects of the Network

Preservation of Documents, Artifacts and Testimonies

One of the long-term projects of the Network is the rescue of written and material relics of the history of Czech and Slovak occultism. These often end up in waste yards or disappear among dealers. We are thus losing a part of our country's history. We are losing evidence of what our ancestors were like, what they believed in, and what they dreamed of.

We do not stop at relics, however. We also film and preserve the memories and testimonies of witnesses, the survivors of Czech and Slovak occultists, but also indirect witnesses, i.e., those who knew the direct witnesses or have information from other reliable sources. 

More information here: (>>>)

Occult and Spiritualist Review

Podcast Get on My Back!

is a series of lectures and interviews that we record with interesting personalities from the scientific and occult scenes. The goal of the podcast is to bring the world of science and occultism closer to listeners, contribute to mutual dialogue, and popularize scientific research into occultism. We broadcast every two weeks, always on Monday at 20:00.

The live broadcast takes place on the Network's Discord (>>>), and recordings are uploaded to our YouTube (>>>) channel after some time.
Get on My Back

Thematic Evenings

are regular gatherings of the Network organized once every quarter. Each evening has its unique theme. For instance, the Spring Thematic Evening (April 5, 2024) was dedicated to Lovecraftian horror, the summer will focus on voodoo, and we plan to dedicate the autumn session to Crowley. The evening consists of film screenings, lectures, demonstrations, pub quizzes, and plans for tasting ritual foods... in short, these are community events. Organizational information is usually published on Facebook and Network's Discord.

Conference Tea with Mephisto's

is an international multidisciplinary conference focused on the research of occultism and alternative religious movements. It takes place every October in Brno. The conference is open to scientists from various fields. Occultists, artists, and the interested public are also invited. The goal of the conference is to present research and discoveries, but also to facilitate networking and collaboration. Conference lectures are usually live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook.

Tea with Mephisto

Occult Beer

is a gathering over good beer in Brno and soon also in Bratislava. The Brno Occult Beer usually takes place every 2-3 weeks and is announced on Facebook and Network's Discord.Occult Beer