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Preservation of Documents, Artifacts and Testimonies

Our goal and effort is to preserve the written and material relics of the history of Czech and Slovak occultism. It concerns relics related to magic, alchemy, astrology, divination, spiritualism, mysticism, Hermeticism, Martinism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, etc. These often end up in waste yards or disappear among dealers and private collectors. Thus, a part of our country's history is vanishing. We are losing testimonies about what our ancestors were like, what they believed in, and what they dreamed of.

The primary method of preservation is photographing these relics, thus creating their digital copies,
which best withstand the ravages of time and at the same time allow the relics to be made accessible to both professionals and the general public. However, the extent of their publication is always negotiated with the relic's owner. Physical originals, which become the property of the network, are carefully stored after digitization and are of course also available for viewing. Information contained in the documents is handled according to the principles of scientific ethics and applicable laws.

But we do not stop at relics. We also record and preserve memories and testimonies of witnesses, relatives of Czech and Slovak occultists, but also of indirect witnesses, i.e., those who knew direct witnesses or have information from other reliable sources. Scientific ethics and rules used for processing oral history are also naturally applied here.

Therefore, we ask:
- If you are a witness, relative of Czech or Slovak occultists, or if you have information from another source, share your memories and testimonies.
- If you have documents or artifacts related to occult themes, contact us and allow them to be preserved for future generations.
- If you are the owners of a themed collection or library, allow its digitization.

As mentioned, creating a digital copy of the relic is key for us. If you wish to keep the physical originals, we fully respect and understand that. Similarly, if you as the owner of the relic or as a witness providing an interview wish to remain anonymous.

The long-term goal of the Network is to create a website serving as a large digital library and catalog of documents and artifacts from the history of Czech, Slovak, and global occultism. But also as a database of recorded memories and testimonies.

You can contact us at: